Dentist 1 (44) — 2022


Modulation of cytokine secretion by leukocytes under the influence of components of dental materials
I.Yu. Karpuk

The use of dental intraoral devices for treatment of bstructive sleep apnea syndrome
T.V. Klimova, M.A. Postnikov, N.V. Nabiev, E.M. Postnikova

ICAM-1 level in the oral fluid of patients with oral candidiasis after coronavirus infection
A.A. Pozharitskaya, I.Yu. Karpuk, Yu.L. Denisova

The study of the dental status of patients with psoriasis: results of the clinical study
A.A. Radkevich, O.S. Zykova, I.Yu. Karpuk

Destruction of the matrix of biofilms of Staphylococcus aureus by neutrophils in blood of patients with infectious and inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial region
I.V. Zhil’tsov, T.A. Torosyan, F.V. Plotnikov, N.A. Movsesyan

Dentist 1 (44) — 2022