Dentist 4(51) — 2023


Index of prognosis of dentin sensitivity in dental patients
L.N. Dedova, A.S. Solomevich, Yu.L. Denisova

The concept of creating a peri-restoration complex in dental restoration
L.N. Dedova, A.S. Solomevich, Yu.L. Denisova

Periodontal organs and tissues variations under the influence of aviation labor factors

Prediction of progression of generalized periodontitis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Yu.L. Denisova, M.V.Apanasovich

The mistakes and complications that occur with dental splinting
N.V. Novak, V.S. Starovoytova

Changes of rat’s tooth germs at the beginning of enamel formation under the influence of low doses ionizing radiation
N.N. Cheshko

Evaluation of the strength of adhesive fixation of ceramic restorations depending on odontopreparation under experimental conditions
S.I. Gazhva, S.P. Rubnikovich, A.G. Manukyan, E.Yu. Yakubova, F.S. Rusanov