Dentist 3(50) — 2023


The prevalence of bruxism in combination with parafunctions of the masticatory muscles in patients of different age groups seeking dental treatment
S.P. Rubnikovich, Yu.L. Denisova, E.V. Kuzmenko, A.S. Grishchenkov, S.G. Pashkevich

Vacuum test Kulazhenko on the resistance of gingival capillaries – archaism or method of objectification of the functional state of periodontal tissues (pathophysiological aspect of the problem)
A.K. Iordanishvili, P.V. Moroz, I.I. Bobyntsev

Criteria for assessing the quality of manufactured adhesive splinting structures
N.V. Novak, V.S. Starovoytova

Clinical forms of lichen planus of the oral cavity
O.G. Zinovenko, I.L. Bobkova, O.E. Loboda, I.V. Kravchuk

Disorders of microelement stability and decreased functional stability of enamel under the influence of odontopreparation
S.I. Gazhva, Yu.V. Gazhva, A.G. Manukyan, K.A. Yanysheva, N.A. Abdullaev, E.A. Knyashchuk

Prediction and treatment of periodontitis based on monitoring of stem cells in the peripheral blood of patients
A.K. Iordanishvili


Mesial occlusion: features of diagnosis and treatment according to new clinical protocol
Yu.L. Denisova, I.V. Degtereva, V.M. Pushkina, E.Ya. Yurkevich, A.S. Frolenkov

Treatment of crowding of the frontal group of teeth in the lower jaw wih a system of transparent mouthguards (aligners), taking into account the parameters of the optimal shape of the patient’s dental arch
Ya.I. Timchuka, V.V. Titkova