Articles in English

Crown-to-implant ratio of short locking-taper implants placed in posterior areas of the maxilla: a retrospective study 2 years after loading
Lombardo Giorgio, Pighi Jacopo, Corrocher Giovanni, Simancas Pallares Miguel Angel, Marincola Mauro, Nocini Pier Francesco

Evaluation of histological changes in peri-implant bone tissue after ultrasound application at early healing stages
S.P. Rubnikovich, I.S. Khomich

Morphological changes in periodontal tissues under the influence of magnetophototherapy
S.P. Rubnikovich, A.I. Maizet, Y.L. Denisova

The European Oral Health Indicators and Challenges in Prevention of the Major Dentalal Diseases in Children of the Commonwealth of Independent States
P.A. Leous

10-year experience of dental root caries treatment in patients with gingival recession
L.N. Dedova, О.V.Каndrukevich, О.S. Gorodetska, L.A. Denisov

Clinical and Radiographic Characteristics of Endoperiodontitis in Patients with Chronic Generalized Periodontitis
L.N. Dedova, Yu.L. Denisova, N.I. Rossenik

Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness in plaque removal from the tooth surface by electric toothbrushes with different types of bristle movement
V.G. Atrushkevitch, V.N. Tsarev, L.U.Orekhova, L.A. Elizova, E.S. Loboda

Application of ultrasound in endodontics
L.Yu. Orekhova, T.V. Porkhun, V.Y. Vashneva, E.A. Rubezhova

Algorithm for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori with peri-implantitis
T.L. Shevela, I.O. Pohodenko-Chudakova, S.A. Koctiuk