Dentist 4 (39) –2020


Clinical and roentgenological evaluation of the status of periodontal tissues in laboratory animals in the application of mesenchymal stem cells
S.P. Rubnikovich, S.V. Sirak, Yu.L. Denisova, V.A. Andreeva, E.V. Kuzmenko, L.N. Dedova, I.S. Khomich, I.D. Volotovsky

Activation of neutrophils and lymphocytes by components dental material
I.Yu. Karpuk

Restoring the integrity of the dentoalveolar apparatus in the absence of a fixed interalveolar height using the immediate implant loading technique
R.R. Shagibalov, R.M. Lushkov, A.S. Utjuzh, A.O. Zekij

Pathogens of odontogenic and neodontogenic inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial region
A.A. Kabanova, A.I. Hancharova, V.K. Okulich

Beta-lactamase activity of oral fluid: mechanism of development
I.V. Zhyltsou

Clinical-anamnestic and laboratory data for stomatitis in children
A.V. Kuzmiankova, E.G. Asirian

Method of incisional biopsy in diagnostic of diseases of oral mucosa
A.S. Rutkouskaya, I.I. Lenkova, L.L. Aleksandrova, L.A. Kazeko, T.A. Bich

Fundamentals of mucology: oral mucositis
M.I. Degtyareva, L.A. Kazeko


Features of anesthesia for removing dental deposits in patients with periodontal diseases
A.S. Solomevich, V.I. Dareuski, K.Yu. Egorova

Dentist 4 (39) — 2020