Dentist 4 (43) — 2021


Immunohistochemical and biochemical parameters of osteogenesis in the treatment of experimental peri-implantitis
S.P. Rubnikovich, S.V. Sirak, L.A. Grigoryants, M.M. Garunov, A.G. Sirak, M.G. Perikova

Patients with arterial hypertension at the dentist’s appointment: identification and frequency of occurrence
E.N. Anisimova, N.Yu. Anisimova, I.V. Orekhova, N.A. Ryazancev

Restoration children’s permanent teeth with universal ormocer restorative material
T.N. Tserakhava, E.I. Melnikava, M.I. Klenovskaya

Treatment of painful musculoskeletal dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint in combination with deep bite
Yu.L. Denisova, S.P. Rubnikovich, I.N. Baradina

The role of iodine-containing thyroid hormones in postfracture restoration of function and regeneration of the area of traumatic injury of the lower jaw under stress
I.V. Gorodetskaya, T.N. Markevich

Algorithm of the morphofunctional diagnostics of the dentoalveolar system of patients with malocclusions associated with the temporomandibular joints diseases
S.V. Tekucheva, L.S. Persin, Yu.I. Afanasyeva, M.A. Postnikov, I.V.Popova, E.M. Postnikova

Long-term results of surgical treatment of root cysts of the jaws
A.A. Rachkov, T.L. Shevela

The prevalence of traumatic oral mucosal lesions in orthodontic patients with a history of Covid-19
O.P. Ivanova, I.Yu. Karpuk, Yu.L. Denisova


Use of glass ionomer cement with advanced fluoride elimination in the concept of non-invasive and minimally invasive dental caries therapy
O.A. Zharkova

Dentist 4 (43) — 2021