Dentist 4 (47) – 2022


Determination of the eruption of the lower third molar relative to the “stress axis”
S.P. Rubnikovich, A.A. Khasbolatova, N.V. Pankratova, Yu.L. Denisova, M.A. Postnikov, E.M. Postnikova, А.А. Rodionova

Prevalence of epithelial dysplasia in leukoplakia of the oral mucosa
N.A. Karpuk, S.P. Rubnikovich, M.N. Medvedev

Microscopic study of the structure of dental splinting construction reinforced
N.V. Novak, V.S. Starovoytova

Effectiveness of treatment of wound defects of the hard palate mucosa with the use of surgical glue
A.A. Labonarskaya, A.S. Lastovka

Biochemical parameters of oral fluid in patients with traumatic fracture of mandible in presence of third molars in oral cavity and without them
Ali Thergam Abdulameer Ali, I.O. Pohodenko-Chudakova


A new diagnostic method of the biological width of the dental patient’s periodontium
A.S. Rubnikovich