Stomatologist 2 (37) — 2020


The use of dental intraoral devices for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
S.P. Rubnikovich, Yu.L. Denisova, I.N. Baradina, V.G. Shishov, Yu.A. Kosteckiy, D.M. Borodin


Apnea-Bel – domestic computer program for determining the condition of the maxillofacial region and upper respiratory tract
S.P. Rubnikovich, I.S. Abelskaya, Yu.L. Denisova, V.G. Shishov, К.L. Shalkevich

New approaches in the complex treatment of dentoalveolar abnormalities in combination with temporomandibular joint dysfunction
Yu.L. Denisova, S.P. Rubnikovich, I.N. Baradina, A.S. Grishchenkov

An algorithm of dental care for patients with “white coat” syndrome
E.N. Anisimova, N.Yu. Anisimova, A.V. Dayan, I.V. Orekhova

Regenerative dental technologies in complex surgical and prosthetic rehabilitation of patients with dentition defects
S.P. Rubnikovich, I.S. Khomich

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome in patients with odontogenic phlegmons the maxillofacial region
A.A. Kabanova, I.O. Pohodenko-Chudakova, S.A. Kabanova

Modern methods of orthopedic treatment in the comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with muscular-articular dysfunctions in combination with signs of bruxism
S.P. Rubnikovich, A.S. Grishchenkov, Yu.L. Denisova

Treatment of “complicated” forms of oral lichen planus
A.S. Rutkouskaya, L.L. Aleksandrova, L.A. Kazeko


Stomatologist 2 (37) — 2020