Dentist 1 (40) — 2021


Effectiveness of twin-block functional removable appliance in treating skeletal class II malocclusion during the phase of active skeletal growth
S.P. Rubnikovich, E.V. Kuzmenko, Ya.I. Timchuk, Z.A. Khmaj, E. Kalkan

Comparative analysis of cyst treatment using the endocortical method of resorbable membranes placement
A.A. Rachkov

Immediate implant placement and functional loading with provisional non-removable prostheses in “all-on-6” concept in total rehabilitation of dental patient
S.P. Rubnikovich, I.S. Khomich

Scientific justification of differentiated treatment of patients with periimplantitis based on clinical and laboratory indicators
T.L. Shevela

Medical and psychological approach to the treatment of edentulous patients with removable denture constructions based on dental implants installed using surgical templates
S.P. Rubnikovich, A.S.Grishchenkov

Peculiarities of the prosthodontic treatment of the patient with hypoglossal nerve damage
S.P. Rubnikovich, P.P. Mulik


Psychological method of correcting the emotional state of pregnant women during the visit to the dental clinic
E.N. Anisimova, I.A. Zinoviev, N.Yu. Anisimova, M.A. Golikova


Effectiveness of minimally invasive dental caries treatment
N.V. Novak

Dentist 1 (40) — 2021