Stomatologist 4 (31) 2018


Specific features of the apical delta in patients with endoperiodontitis
L.N. Dedova, Yu.L. Denisova, N.I. Rossenik, V.I. Darevsky

Effectiveness of the local antibacterial therapy of gingivitis in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances
S.P. Rubnikovich, E.V. Kuz’menko,Ya.I. Timchuk,V.A. Andreeva

Prevalence of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial area in the Republic of Belarus
A.A. Kabanova, I.O. Pohodenko-Chudakova

Microorganisms forming biofilm in the pathogenesis of sialadenitis
V.K. Okylich, A.I. Goncharova

Effect of the beta-lactamase activity level in the oral fluid on the efficacy of the antibiotic therapy
I.V. Zhil’cov, V.M. Semenov,T.A. Torosjan, N.A. Movsesjan

Prevalence of dentoalveolar anomalies and deformities in school-age children living in Vitebsk
S.P. Rubnikovich, Ye.V. Kuz’menko, Yu.L. Denisova, O.Yu. Boginskiy, V.A. Andreeva, Ya.I. Timchuk


New approaches to the quality management of dental care provided for the population
S.V. Shulgan, T.V. Kalinina, A.M. Matveev

Indicators of quality of the LED headlights systems applied in dental practice for local illumination of the operative field
Al.A. Volodko, A.A. Volodko

Perspective of developing innovative diagnostic technologies in dentistry
L.N. Dedova, O.S. Gorodetska, S.V. Shulgan


Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness in plaque removal from the tooth surface by electric toothbrushes with different types of bristle movement
G. Atrushkevitch, V.N. Tsarev, L.Yu.Orekhova, L.A. Elizova, E.S. Loboda

Immunohistochemical features of the major salivary glands in case of experimental periodontitis
A.G. Sirak, E.V. Shchetinin, S.V. Sirak, N.N. Didenko

Evaluation of the effectiveness among the modern methods for preventing enamel caries
Zh.V. Solovyeva, A.A. Adamchik

Morphological and histochemical changes in periodontal tissues after odontopreparation of permanent teeth
S.V. Sirak, E.V. Shchetinin, G.D. Vafiadi, V.A. Grigoryan

Regeneration of bone tissue after fractures of the lower jaw complicated by traumatic osteomyelitis of nonspecific etiology
S.V. Sirak, A.A. Andreev

Histological and pathophysiological changes in the vascular structure of the tooth pulp during its devitalization
S.V. Sirak, I.A. Kopylova


Myths, realities and prospects for nicotine replacement therapy in patients with periodontal disease
M.V. Osipova, L.Yu. Orekhova, E.A. Belova


Periodontology: medicinal therapy in the concept of the biological system of the periodontium
L.N. Dedova, О.V. Каndrukevich

Stomatologist 4 (31) – 2018